Friday, February 16, 2007

Speculative Fiction in Second Life

"Can Speculative Fiction and Spirituality Co-exist?" is the topic for an online discussion in the virtual world of Second Life, Tuesday, February 20 at 6:30 p.m. (Pacific Time, U.S.) in the Writing and Performance Center (in-world coordinates 231,107,28).

This is an incredible opportunity. Second Life has over 3,000,000 "residents." Many of them are science fiction fans. So, we expect that this could introduce many of them to the idea of Spiritually-Based science fiction and fantasy.

If you want to join in, you will need to download the software for second life and set up an account. The basic account is free. But you might want to practice navigating "in-world" before Tuesday night. But here are the quick instructions for getting to the site:

  1. Log in with your name and password
  2. Click on the button in the lower right corner of your screen marked "Map"
  3. Near the bottom right of the "Map" page, you will see a place to enter coordinates do so and click teleport. That will take you to the Writing and Performance Center.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Blogger chrisd said...

Hi Terri-I might try (like I need another reason to be on the computer)


February 16, 2007 at 8:06 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

I understand Chris


February 16, 2007 at 5:47 PM  

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